Add Links to Target Content

Do you want your messages to targeted decision-makers to include embedded links to your campaign, to a recent news story, or to research relevant to your campaign platform?

It is possible to add links to messages to Targets, but only in cases where your campaign is using an uneditable message, so deploy this power wisely, Padawan...

Step 1: On a campaign tool's Content page, under Target Content, select Disable editing of message content:

Step 2: Instead of creating your message to targets on the Content page, head over the Advanced settings, and select E-mails:

Emails is the page where you can configure advanced settings for the emails that your campaign tool sends. By default, on most tools, one email is sent to a target and one is sent to a supporter to say thank you!

Step 3: Click Edit next to the email labeled Value of "We'll notify your representative" and you'll be taken to the page that controls all the settings for your target email. Scroll down to the Email template section near the bottom of the page:

You'll see that the email form contains a token that normally captures the content of the Email to targets. However, you can now delete this token and add your own custom content to this field, including a link as long as its styled using HTML, so make sure that the link is anchored properly:

Step 4: Click Save e-mail settings at the bottom of the page, and test your tool to make sure that your static target email is styled properly.