Create and attach PDFs to Emailing Tools

Did you know you can create a PDF document right in your tool and attach it to the letter to your target?

Whether it's because your targets only accept PDF documents for a public comment period submission or because you just want to attach a document with survey replies to your supporter's letter, you may want to attach a PDF document to your Email to Targets.

Currently, only PDFs created within a tool can be attached to an email to target. Uploading external documents is not supported.

If you're thinking of doing this, you will need to let the New/Mode team know, so that we can activate your PDF editing manually - you'll see why this is important in the next few steps:

Step 1: Contact with a direct link to your New/Mode Emailing Tool (in the New/Mode back-end, not in your action page), or the node ID of the tool where you'd like to have PDF attachments activated, letting us know that you'd like to attach a PDF to submissions in that tool. The node ID of your tool can be found in the URL of the tool while editing:

Step 2: Go to Advanced -> Fax and PDF,

Then check the Generate PDF Document box to open the PDF settings.

Step 3: You will now see all the PDF settings - starting with General Settings. Here you can choose the size and orientation of your PDF, as well as whether you add a background image to your PDF or not.

Step 4: After the General Settings, you will see Fax Settings - you only use this for Faxing tools, so ignore the Fax Settings and scroll down to Email Settings.

Here you need to check the "Attach PDF as an attachment to the e-mails sent to form recipients" box to ensure the PDF gets attached to your emails.

Whichever boxes you check in the Don't attach PDF file section will not have the PDF attached to the email.

- This means if you only want the PDF attached in your Email to Targets, and not your Thank You Email to supporters, you should check the Value of "Email Address".

- If you want to send the PDF to supporters in your Thank You Email, but not to targets, then check the Value of "We'll notify your representative" box.

Step 5 (optional): Configure your PDF Header - the top part of your PDF document. In the PDF Header section, you can choose to add a logo to your header, add some header text - customize it however you please! If you don't wish to use a header, just leave the fields blank, or choose Disabled in Header Status.

Step 6: The Content of the PDF document section.

Here is where Step 1 is important - if you don't get your PDF editing enabled by a New/Mode staff, you will see the message "This field has been disabled because you do not have sufficient permissions to edit it." in the Page Body textbox.

Once your PDF editing is enabled, you will see a full HTML editor in the Page Body textbox, where you can add tokens and other content you want to include in your attached PDF.

Whatever you set up on the Page Body will be what is rendered into the PDF. You can also choose the Text Alignment, Font Family and Font Size to customize what the PDF will look like.

Step 7 (optional): Configure your PDF Footer - the bottom part of your PDF document. Just like the PDF Header, the PDF Footer is optional, but in this section you can add some text, a logo, and customize the footer to look however you want it to.

Step 8: Save your changes and test your action - make sure to check that the PDFs are attaching only to the emails that you want the PDF attached to, and that the PDF looks the way you want it to before launching your action!