Configure Salsa API Targeting

You can configure your Salsa Groups, Action Key, Salsa Tag, and Email Trigger for each New/Mode campaign tool that you're working with by configuring some settings through the Edit Salsa API on your CRM Integrations page, which is accessible under Advanced settings:

This link will take you to your Add new Salsa API target page, where you can configure the data being sent to Salsa and how it is organized. (This should be done by a Salsa Admin-level user, and not with a normal user account):

Action Key 

This is a unique key tied to a single one-to-one action between New/Mode and Salsa. This means that each new tool you create with require a different action key. You can find the action key in the URL for the action being taken.

Group Key

You can add as many group keys as you'd like. Add one per line if adding multiple groups. Supporters will be added to all selected groups after they take an action on your New/Mode tool. Adding more than one group key means that your users will be added to more than one Salsa group.

Email Trigger Key

You can use this field to associate a campaign tool with an autoresponse email you've created in Salsa. Enter the trigger key here and disable your New/Mode tool's Thank You Emails (the Value of "Email Address" component) under E-mails in Advanced settings.

Salsa Tag

When a supporter completes an action with a New/Mode campaign tool, a tag will be created automatically to associate that action with New/Mode in your CRM. You can only add one Salsa tag per tool, and you can modify the default tag on this page. 

Save changes before you leave the page, and keep in mind that these configurations are optional but not required to successfully connect your New/Mode tools to Salsa.

On your Add new Salsa API target page, you can also set up custom fields to map between New/Mode and Salsa. Find out how right here!