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Create a Petition Tool Email Message

Do not create email messages for your Petition Tool under the Content tab! The emails will not be sent! If you do want emails sent to targets by the petition tool these can be configured in Advanced settings, under Emails

Step 1: To create an email to attach to a petition tool, head over the Advanced settings, and select E-mails:

Emails is the page where you can configure advanced settings for the emails sent by your campaign tool. By default, on most tools, one email is sent to a target and one is sent to a supporter to say thank you!

Step 2: To set up an email to targets, click Edit next to the email labeled Value of "We'll notify your representative" and you'll be taken to the page that controls all the settings for your target email. Scroll down to the Email template section near the bottom of the page:

This email form normally contains a token that captures the content of the Email to targets. Instead, a petition tool email informs targets that your supporters are adding their names to your campaign. You can restyle this email to include your own content, but keep in mind that when you get rid of tokens, the email will become a static form that will send the same content each time.

Step 4: When you're finished customizing your email to targets, click Save e-mail settings at the bottom of the page, and test your tool to make sure that your static target email is styled properly.