How do I get the most out of Test Mode

When testing a new tool always put on your safety goggles!



But seriously, when you're testing a campaign tool, there are a few basic things that your team can look out for to get the most out of test mode:

  • Proofread all your content - the more eyes the better!
  • Check that your action looks great across different browsers, both for desktop and mobile experience.
  • Check on your targets:
    • Primary Targets: test your postal code look up - are the correct targets coming up (i.e. are you using the correct data set?)
    • Target settings: Are all targets showing in the tool or auto-selected and hidden as you intended? Did you allow for multiple selections or choose to limit to one target only?


  • Check your Thank You Page for content and make sure your social media share buttons work.
  • Is the text of the submit button customized the way you like it (i.e. Add Your Voice, Make the Call, etc.?
  • Are all mandatory fields marked as mandatory?
  • Depending on the campaign tool you're using, double check all tool outputs:
    • Emailing Tool: check that emails to targets and Thank You Emails to supporters are styled correctly. This includes things like email subject line(s), email from/reply to & email addresses and names, signature, tokens if any, etc.
    • Calling Tool: Run through the tool to listen to your intro message, check on your talking points, and see the after-the-call thank you SMS message.
    • Tweet @ Tool: Are the correct handles and hashtags appearing on your form?
    • Letters to the Editors Tool: Are all newspapers showing as intended? Does the tool's placeholder text show your desired text? Did you set up different subject lines?