Get to Know the Edit Tab

When you’re working on a New/Mode campaign, you’ll have three main tabs you use to setup and manage individual campaign tools: Edit, Preview, and Submissions. This article will walk you through the main features of the Edit tab:

The six screens accessible under the Edit tab contain everything you need to customize, personalize, style, and integrate your campaign tools:

Basic Configuration is where you set up locations and targets for your campaign. The decision-makers that your campaign tools will identify and target are determined by the information you enter on this page:

Content is where you enter all the text that will appear on your campaign tool and all the text that will appear in supporter actions. You’ll find several text fields already filled with default content suggested by our master campaign strategists. Feel free to use the defaults, or to design your own content:

Send Configuration is where you set up the email address, name, and subject that will be included with all Thank You Emails. Not that these shouldn’t come from your vintage Hotmail account, but…

Social Sharing is where you set up the Twitter, Facebook, and Email buttons that appear on your Thank You Page and Thank You Email. Optimized social sharing buttons and content are integrated directly into your thank-you pages and thank-you emails to help your campaign go viral:

Look and Feel is where you make your campaign tools look pretty. Content design is fun and all, but this is where you get to pick your colors, fonts, and custom CSS:

Advanced is where you manage stuff like CRM Syncing, the Components of each tool, and Submissions form configuration. Some of this stuff is (maybe) best left to your developers, but we’ve also got some nice walkthroughs in the New/Mode Knowledge Base to help you through advanced configurations: