Integrate New/Mode with Salsa Classic CRM

Here's how to get your Salsa Classic CRM integrated with your New/Mode campaign. This will allow the information in your campaign tool data fields to be mapped onto your CRM data fields. 

Connecting Salsa to New/Mode is kind of like doing your taxes. It's easy, as long as you get all your information organized first. So before you begin, make sure you have:

  • Your URL to Salsa API
  • Your Campaign Manager Username: should be your Salsa login email
  • Your Campaign Manager Password: should be your Salsa password

Step 1: Got everything you need? Next, follow the steps to Create an Integration.

Step 2: Once you have selected Salsa as your CRM Service, you'll be asked to enter the information you prepared:

Step 4: To connect your new CRM Service to a specific campaign tool, navigate to the Basic Configuration page for that tool, and scroll down the page to Services. Make sure that Salsa is selected under CRM Service: