Pre-filled Forms

We like to avoid form fatigue at New/Mode. So anytime one of your supporters returns to a New/Mode campaign, like a Tweet @ Tool or an Emailing Tool, that tool will recognize the returning supporter and pre-fill their contact information into the text fields.

Name, zip code/postal code, address, email address and phone numbers will automatically be pre-filled so your supporters can quickly, effortlessly take actions.

If you're working with a data vault for supporter information, there are also a couple of strategies that you can use to pre-fill forms for supporters who are first-time users of New/Mode tools.

Passing Variable Data to Form Fields Using Encrypted URLs

(You'll need some help from our dev team to get this one going.)

Step 1: From your New/Mode Organization dashboard, select the tool you want to work with, and navigate to Advanced settings under the tool's Edit tab. Select Components and follow to steps to add a new component to your tool form. It's best to avoid existing first_name, last_name, email_address fields as a Javascript pre-fill will override them.

Step 2: Under Edit Component, set the default value field of your new component field as this token: [node:nm-decrypted-query:testkey] and click Save.


Step 3: Contact New/Mode support to get the key that you need to encrypt the data you want to pass along to the form.

Step 4: In whatever system you are using to generate unique links for supports you will need to use this encryption key from step 3 to AES/CBC encrypt a JSON-encoded array of data that includes the form key that you've used in step 2.


This should yield a result that looks something like this:


Step 5: Load a newmode tool from your organization using a parent page that contains this value as a querystring parameter:

Step 6: Verify that the decrypted value shows in the form field when it's loaded.

Pre-filled forms have some pretty amazing advantages. Reducing the time it takes for users to take an action means higher conversions for your New/Mode campaigns.



Image: Form with pre-filled user info.