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SMS Outreach Responses and Analytics

Responses and Analytics are a great way to track how your SMS Outreach actions are performing. Here, we’ll explain what you can expect to see on this page.

The first thing you’ll encounter is Outreach Info. Outreach Info will let you know the Name of the SMS conversation you’re viewing, the Send Request Details (those being the number of send requests on each day), the Groups the conversation was sent to, and for SMS Chatbots, any active Keywords or linked Advocacy Actions

Next, you’ll see the Response Analytics.

  • The Conversion Rate will let you know the % of time somebody replied to your SMS Conversation. This number is of greater importance for SMS Chatbot actions, as responses are not typically expected on an SMS Broadcast. 
  • The Overall Send Summary will let you know the total number of messages have been queued in comparison to the total number of messages that have been sent. SMS Chatbot and SMS Broadcast send messages in batches, meaning the Overall Send Summary is a great way to track the sending progress. 
  • The Overall Responses Summary will let you know how many responses have been received. 
  • The Reach Summary will let you know how many individual contacts have been reached. 

Finally, you’ll have be able to view all Responses. This table holds information about who sent the response, what question they were responding to, when the response was sent, and what their response was. You can export responses using the Export button.

Once on the Responses Export page, you can choose the file type of your export (Microsoft Excel file or CSV), and the Included Export Items (the information about the contact and their response). After finalizing, press Export. We’ll email you a link to download your file.