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Send an SMS Broadcast

SMS Broadcast messages are a great way to connect with your supporters, reminding them of events, upcoming actions, or other important information! Here we’ll explain how to create and send an SMS Broadcast message.

Composing your Broadcast Message

Step One: Click “Create an outreach action” on your dashboard. From the drop down menu, select “Create an SMS Broadcast”

Create an SMS broadcast

Step Two: Create a Title for your SMS Broadcast. 

Step Three: Choose which campaign you’d like your message to reside in. You can either choose from existing campaigns, or create a new one. 

Step Four: Compose your message. Your message can be 160 characters long. 

Compose Broadcast Message

Pro Tip: You can personalize your message! First, you can insert your contact’s first name into the message using tokens. Click the first icon above the far right corner of the message box, or, copy and paste this token: [contact:first_name:friend]. You can also personalize your message with Emojis! Click the second icon above the far right corner of the message box to view your options. 

Step Five: Review the Opt-Out Keywords and Opt-Out Message. Ensure you’re following all relevant laws and regulations in the jurisdiction you operate in.

Opt Out Keywords and MessageStep Six: Click Save, then after the page reloads click on the Send tab. 

Sending your Broadcast Message

Step Seven: Choose the country your messages will be sent in.

Step Eight: Select the group(s) your message will be sent to.

Step Nine: Send a test message! Enter the number you’d like the test to be sent to, and press the Test button. 

Send test SMS

Step Ten: You can choose to either start sending now, or, schedule your sends. If you schedule your sends, you can choose a window for the dates your message will send, as well as time of day. Once you’ve chosen this, press Review.

Step Eleven: You’ll be taken to a review screen. Ensure your message is configured correctly, and confirm that you are communicating with these contacts in a way that fits within the laws and regulations of the jurisdictions of the sender and receiver of this message. After this, press Send! 

You can review your message Analytics on the Responses & Analytics tab.