Set Up Email Button

This is how you set up the Email button that will appear on your Thank you page and Thank you email, allowing your supporters to quickly and easily send an email hyping your campaign to their network.

Step 1: Select Enable Email Button.

Step 2: Add the campaign URL page associated with this action. In other words, the landing page for your campaign tool.

Step 3: You can choose to enable A/B Testing if you want to test two (or three!) different versions of the campaign. Learn more about A/B Testing.

Step 4: Under Subject, enter a subject line that will appear in your supporters’ email blasts.

Step 5: Enter a short message for the email Body that will let your supporters clearly explain to their network how they can take action. Careful not to delete the {LINK} placeholder! It will be replaced by your campaign URL.

Step 7: If you are A/B Testing, repeat the same step for your second (and third) variant.

Once those click-throughs start to pour in, our tool will automatically start favoring the best performing Email share.

Step 8: Click Save at the bottom of the page. Once you save your Email button configuration, it will produce the same Email through both your Thank you page and Thank you email. The finished product should look something like this:

Final Step: Test your thank-you page and thank-you email.