Sync Tool Components to ActionKit

You’ve created your New/Mode campaign tool, and you’ve synced it to ActionKit, but now you want to customize your tool to work with your ActionKit supporter data.

Once you finish setting up your New/Mode tool on ActionKit, you’ll be taken to our CRM Integrations screen:

Here you see a list of your tool’s webform components, which are all the text fields that your supporters can fill out in your New/Mode tool (e.g. First Name, Last Name, Email Address).

To tailor your new campaign tool and to improve consistency, you can customize these components to map on to your custom ActionKit CRM fields. Here’s how to do it:

Step 1: Under CRM Integrations: Sync Settings, you’ll see three categories, as in the above image:

  • Webform Component: These are generated by the New/Mode tool.
  • ActionKit Field Name: These are the labels on your ActionKit fields. The field name should match what you see in ActionKit.
  • Edit: This link will take you to a page where you can get your New/Mode components and ActionKit components working together.

Step 2: Click the Edit link for an individual tool. You'll be taken to the Edit Component page, where you can edit the individual components of a campaign tool and manually sync New/Mode components with ActionKit in cases where this doesn't happen automatically: