Use Form Configuration

Under Form Configuration in Advanced settings, you can control the ways in which a campaign tool form guides and responds to supporters. These settings are optimized on New/Mode tools by default, but you can tweak them in a few interesting ways:

Submission Settings

Under the Submission Settings dropdown, you can edit tool components like the Confirmation message that appears when a supporter action is complete, set user submission limits, and open or close submissions for a form:

Submission Access

Under Submission Access, you can control who has permission to use a campaign tool. Permission for anonymous users (whoever happens across your campaign) and authenticated users (members of your campaign Organization) should always be checked:

Progress Bar

For campaign tools with more than one page, like the Calling Tool or LTE Tool, you may want to enable a progress bar that shows supporters how far they've made it through filling out a form:

On your campaign tool, the progress bar will look something like this:

Preview Page

Enabling the Preview Page will allow your supporters to see a preview of what their message will look like before they send it: 

This might be helpful in some instances, but overall our campaign experts have found that it can hurt conversion rates.

Advanced Settings

Yup, it's true. We've got advanced settings within our advanced settings! The most important thing that you can configure here is the name of your submit button, which will automatically read Submit unless you change the button label here: