Advanced Configurations

The advanced configurations for our Tools give you a few options to help enhance your campaigns. 

Below are a list of advanced configurations and how they can help you enhance the Calling Tool

Filters  (works for all tools except the Letter to the Editor tool)

If you want supporters only to call a specific target (for example a city councillor), you can add filter for that office. You just have to confirm the exact office title that’s coming up on the form, as some municipalities will say Alderman, others Councillor, others City Councillor.

Filtering for “Elected Office” will ensure that you only return targets that have particular titles of “positions”.  For example, if you are working with Municipal data that returns Mayors, Councillors and Committee members but you only want to present Mayors and Councillors to your supporters you can use this filter to accomplish that. By adding each position title to a unique line in the “Filter for Position” text area you can ensure that only Mayors and Councillors are displayed to supporters.

Filtering for “Party” follows a similar concept.  If for instance, you want to only point your supporters at “Party One” and “Party Two” representatives you can add the name of each party to a unique line in the “Filter for Party” text area.  Please note that in some contexts (elections for instance) and jurisdictions, doing this type of filtering may have legal implications. It is your responsibility to ensure that you are using this type of filtering in conformity with applicable laws.

Daisy-chain Phone Targets

We strongly recommend setting up a fallback target for campaigns targeting elected officials based on postal code look up to ensure that users are able to take action if no usable data is returned for a given data set and postal code. 

Custom Targets