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Change the submission limit on your action

Actions are limited to receiving 3 submissions per supporter each day by default, but you can change this limit to fit your campaign.

We've found that limiting each supporter to making up to 3 submissions per day is a good way to let folks take action while discouraging bots and spam. That said, you're welcome to change that limit if it's not right for a specific action.


What about testing?

  • If you're testing your action on the Preview tab and the action is in Test Mode, the default limit won't apply to you, so you can test away!
  • If you're testing your action embedded in an Action Page or in an external web page, the default limit will apply. After reaching the limit, you'll see an error banner instead of the action itself. Fear not, you can follow the steps below to increase the limit so that you can keep testing and launch your action.


1. On the Edit tab of your action, open Advanced > Form Configuration.

2. Scroll to the 'Per user submission limit' section:

3. You can select from two options:

  • Unlimited to remove any limits on the number of submissions each supporter can make.
  • Limit each user to a number of submissions that you enter, along with a submission frequency:
    • ever: the limit you set above lasts for the duration of your campaign.
    • every minute: the submission limit resets after a minute.
    • every 5 minutes: the limit resets after 5 minutes.
    • every hour: the limit resets after an hour.
    • every day: the limit resets after a day (24 hours).
    • every week: the limit resets after a week.

4. Scroll to the end and click on the 'Save configuration' button to complete the process.


Last updated: April 13, 2021