Customize Action Page Templates

New/Mode Action Page Templates allow you to have a stunning landing page for your action with just a few clicks. This guide will walk you through customizing these templates.

Before customizing your action page, we recommend clicking here to learn about each Action Page Template! 

Once you're familiar with our templates, you can customize your Action Page's look and feel! Head down to the editor below the “Call to Action” textbox to get started!

Header & Background Images

Select images from the left sidebar. Here you can upload:

  • Logo Image - your organization’s logo. This will display in the top left corner of the page.
  • Background Image - This will display behind the elements on your action page. We recommend a simple image that enhances your page. Remember, your content should stay front and center! We recommend these for the Sticky Action & Floating Action Templates. 
  • Header Image - This will display below your logo, and above the other elements on your page. We recommend a landscape-oriented photo. The header is a great place to give a visual peek into what your campaign represents; how you choose to do that is up to you! We Recommend these for the Basic Single Column, Basic Two Column & Full-Width Header Templates.


Select Look & Feel from the left sidebar. Here, you can either use our Colour selector or input Hex values to define your action page’s text or background colour. 


Select Look & Feel from the left sidebar. You can either select a default font from the “Font Family” dropdown menu, or enter the URL for an external font. You can learn more about external fonts here.


CSS allows you to manipulate nearly any element on the Action Page. You can access our CSS editor by selecting Look & Feel from the left sidebar, and scrolling down to the Custom CSS text area.