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How you can you address a government's attempts to filter advocacy messages?

At New/Mode we make your voice impossible to ignore and we won’t be deterred! Read on to find out how your organization can have your supporter’s voices delivered when government IT departments adopt filtering restrictions. 

Like most civic tech solutions, New/Mode allows your campaign supporters to use our platform to email government decision makers. For the most part, elected officials and IT departments view this content as civic input they want to record and respond to. There are unfortunately a few rare cases where government IT departments block or filter out this mechanism of civic input.

If you believe that emails sent through one of your actions may get blocked by government decision makers use the setup below to send your emails to targets sent through a DMARC-verified New/Mode email address.

1. On your action's Edit tab, open the Send Configuration page:

2. Uncheck the box beside "Use supporter email address as From address".

3. In the 'From Address' field that is now shown, enter CivicInput@newmode.org

4. (Optional) To have any replies from targets sent to the supporter, check the box for "Include supporter email address as a "reply-to" header". (Emails will list supporter details even if this option isn't enabled).

5. Click on the 'Save & Next' button to complete the process.

6. (Optional) You may also want to add this footer to the end of your messages if you'd like to give more context to government IT departments and help them understand that these emails are legitimate constituent communications: 


This email was sent by the above supporter of this campaign via New/Mode, a platform that empowers people to contact decision makers. In accordance with web protocol RFC 3834 we have set the FROM field of this email to our generic no-reply address, however you can find the campaign supporter’s email address above. We’ve also used their email address in the REPLY-TO field.To learn more about web protocol RFC 3834 visit: https://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc3834