Passing Querystring Parameters to CRMs via New/Mode tools

Passing Querystring Parameters to CRMs is a simple way of gathering info on different ways your supporters arrive at your tool. This includes tracking whether certain links to your page result in higher conversions or encourage more clicks. 

Step One: Navigate to Components from the Advanced drop down menu. Near the bottom of the screen, you should see a blank component field. Name it what you'd like, and select Hidden from the type drop down menu.

Step Two:
 In this form, copy and paste [current-page:query:your_parameter] into the 'Default value' field, and replace "your_parameter" with your tag. (For example, if you're using you'd use [current-page:query:source]).


Step Three: Select which field in your CRM you'd like to sync with. Simply select the field from the CRM Field (with "CRM" being replaced by your CRM's name).


Step Four: Under 'Hidden type', make sure that the component is set to 'Hidden element'.

Screenshot_2020-03-05 Edit component Source New Mode

Step Five: Save the changes.

You should now be able to gathering information through Querystring Parameters!