How do contributions work?

Contributions can help your campaign get promoted by New/Mode and for customers on our paid plans, they can also help you grow!

In New/Mode v2, supporters now have the option to further amplify campaign reach by contributing to a campaign on the thank you page after submitting the form. Additionally, supporters can still leverage social buttons to share the campaign. 

By default, contributions will be directed to New/Mode, and in turn, New/Mode will leverage these contributions to expand campaign visibility. If you wish to access supporter contributions for your campaigns, you'll need to upgrade from our Free Forever plan to our Grassroots plan.

If you have admin permissions for your organization you can upgrade your plan by clicking on View Plans on the Contributions tab.

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 9.18.27 AM

Once upgraded, you'll need to set up your Stripe Connect Express account so that you can receive your organization's funds. Click on Set Up With Stripe.

Screenshot 2023-12-19 at 9.22.13 AM

 New/Mode will continue to collect contributions and boost your campaign until Stripe Express is configured. Once connected, admin users will be able to see the following sections under their Organization settings on the Contributions tab:

Total Contributions 

This reflects the total of contributions received.

Amount Paid Out

This shows you the overall sum of contributions that have been withdrawn to your Stripe account.

Contributions per campaign

If you have multiple campaigns receiving contributions, you can see the dollar amount received for each one.

Please note that there is a 12% transaction fee that is charged when contributions are withdrawn. Instead of being invited to promote your campaign, your supporters will now see this message: Getting support in a timely manner is critical to a campaign’s success. Contribute to the campaign to help us reach more supporters - to communicate that you'll be using funds to grow your organization rather than to promote your campaign. 

Whenever downgrading back to our Free Forever plan or when your Grassroots plan is canceled, all remaining contributions will be automatically paid out to your Stripe Express account.