How do I troubleshoot login issues, or reset a forgotten password?

Can't log in to your New/Mode account? Here's a few quick steps you can try:

1. Which method are you logging in with? New/Mode currently has three supported login methods. You can sign in with your Email, the Username provided in your welcome email, or with your Facebook, Google, or Twitter account.

2. Are you on the right page? Our login page looks like this:

And you can get to it directly with the URL or by clicking the Client Login button on our home page 

3. Forgot your password? Reset it by clicking the Request new password tab on our login screen or go to the reset password URL directly where you can enter your Username or email to request a new password. Check the email address you entered (or the email address associated with the Username you entered) to get instructions for reseting your password.

4. Still can't log in? Email for some help getting into your account! Make sure to include if you've tried the steps above.