Add Personalized Email Salutations for Targets

We believe that how you say hello matters. A personalized greeting enhances emails, faxes, and Tweets targeted at political representatives. With this in mind, we've taken steps - by using tokens - to ensure that actions sent to targets start with a big, friendly greeting.


When you use a representative token - for example, "Dear [submission:values: well_notify_your_representative] - a supporter's action will have the salutation "Dear [USER REPRESENTATIVE]".

More specifically, an action that targets my Member of Parliament will read "Dear Carla Qualtrough, Honourable Minister of Public Services."

To add a representative token to part of a supporter action, browse the tokens available below Target Content on your campaign tool Content page:

Screen Shot 2019-12-02 at 9.49.19 AM

For content being sent to targets, we particularly recommend selecting our User Friendly Tokens, which contain default text that explains their content, rather than a more abstract value. Salutations to targets can be more or less formal, depending on the tone of your campaign:

When a token is in place in a message, it will automatically be replaced by the name of the targeted recipient once the message is sent, and your supporter doesn't have to worry about identifying the right target, or how best to address that target.