Get to know Test Groups - BETA

Test Groups have arrived at New/Mode! This allows you to pit multiple variants of the same tool against each other to determine which version is the most effective. This happens in 3 steps.

Step 1: Determine which tool you'd like to set up a Test Group with. Go through the Test Group Setup article to get the test group up and running.

Step 2: Our awesome algorithm will randomly display the different variants of your tool and figure out which variant is more successful in converting action viewers to action do-ers!

Step 3: As more submissions come in, the most successful version of the tool will be crowned winner, and be displayed more often than the others. From here, you can either choose this to be the only tool displayed, or override the winner and go with your favorite version of the tool.


That's it! Test Groups are a simple way to help you run crazy effective campaigns and develop the best version of your tools.