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Integrating Luminate with New/Mode

New/Mode now has an easy way to set up a Luminate Integration!

In your Luminate Online account

1. Log into your Luminate Online account, go to Setup > Site Options, and click on 'Open API Configuration'.

2. Follow the Luminate documentation to whitelist New/Mode's IP addresses (listed here).

3. Find and copy the following details:

  • API Key: find at Open API Configuration > Edit API Keys.
  • API Username: find at Open API Configuration > Edit server API configuration.
  • API Password: also find at Open API Configuration > Edit server API configuration.
  • Luminate Host URL: this is the path to your Luminate instance and it follows the format "https://secureX.convio.net/myorg", where X is a number and myorg is Luminate's short name for your organization. 
  • Luminate WSDL URL: provided by Luminate.

In your New/Mode account

4. Head over to your New/Mode dashboard, and select the Integrations Tab.

5. Find Luminate from the grid of integrations, and select “Add Integrations”.

6. Enter the Title of your Luminate Integration, and scroll down to the Luminate Settings.

7. Fill in the API Key, API Username, API Password, Luminate Host URL, and Luminate WSDL URL fields with the details you got in step 3.

8. Click the 'Save' button to complete the process.

Now Luminate is set up. To edit which components will sync to Luminate fields on an action, head over to the action, and navigate to Advanced > CRM Integrations.


Last updated: March 14, 2022