Meet our Tweet Action

Perhaps the sleekest among the campaign engagement action that roam the New/Mode range, our Tweet Action engages your supporters by letting them Tweet targeted decision-makers quickly and easily in up to 190 beautiful characters!

To create an Tweet Action:

Step 1: Follow the steps to create a campaign.

Step 2: Set up your campaign action's Basic Configuration.

Step 3: Fill in your Tweet Action with great Custom Content. This is the content that will get supporters to take action and flood the feeds of targeted decision-makers.

Step 4: Preview your Tweet Action. You'll see that your Tweet Action automatically sets up a list of representatives to Tweet based on the targeting types you’ve configured and on your supporter's address information:

Step 5: Test your action thoroughly.

Step 6: Embed your Tweet Action .

  1. An @ mention with or without content before it WILL show up in a target's Notifications and will show up in their social media monitoring dashboards (so the message will always be received by the target privately);

  2. An @ mention with content before it WILL show up on the supporter's public Tweets profile page, and will show up in all their followers' private timelines.

  3. An @ mention with or without content before it (e.g. a period) WILL NOT show up on any of the target's public profile pages (Tweets, Tweets & Replies, Media) UNLESS
    a. the target replies (then the original tweet is viewable by going to Tweets & Replies and clicking on the reply to view the thread—it still does not show up on the page by default);

  4. An @ mention with or without content before it WILL NOT show up in a target's timeline (i.e. their Twitter homepage timeline viewable just by them) UNLESS
    a.the target is following the person who Tweets @ them;

So how is our Tweet Action effective in creating public pressure on your targets?

  1. It expands the public reach of a campaign via a network of supporters' public timelines;
  2. It demonstrates broad support for a campaign's goals to target decision-makers by privately notifying targets every time a supporter Tweets.

Last updated: June 3, 2021