Bulk Download PDFs of Supporter Messages

There's nothing like having a big stack of letters written by supporters to slam down in front of Congress. If you're working with an email or fax action, you can download PDFs of the messages that supporters write.


This feature is available on the Campaign Builder, Organization, and Network plans.


Step 1: Go to your Faxing Tool's Submissions tab and click Download PDFs:

Step 2: You'll be taken to a table that lists all support submissions. To download all the submissions as one PDF file, click the Select All checkbox on the lefthand side of the screen, and then hit that friendly blue Download PDF button. Your PDF will open in a new window:

Step 3: Download and save your PDF file.

Step 4: Select individual submissions to download only specific messages, or click the View link under the Operations column to see detailed submission information and to download individual PDFs: 


Last updated: January 8, 2021