Customize Call Action Thank You Email and Thank You SMS

Whenever one of your supporters calls their representative using your action, they get a friendly follow-up thank you from your organization. For call actions you can have not just a Thank You Email but a Thank You SMS as well. Both are a great opportunity to show that you appreciate their contribution, and to ask them to spread the word, or to get more involved!

Thank You Email

You can customize your Thank You Email Subject and Thank You Email Message under the Supporter Content section of the action's Content page:

As you can see above, our default Thank You Email message uses tokens to automatically personalize components like your supporter’s name (1), add social share buttons (2), and to add your organization name (3).

Once it's set up, a Thank You Email sent by your Call Action will look a little something like this:

Thank You SMS

For an extra touch, you can send your supporters a thank you text message as well. You can add tokens here as well, just keep your message to 125 characters or fewer!

Leave the field blank if you don't want to send supporters a thank you SMS.


Last updated: July 7, 2023