Personalization Tokens

Personalization Tokens allow you to customize your Action, making thank you emails & submissions personal to your targets and supporters and allowing you to capture other information about submissions.


This article will guide you through:

Using Tokens 

Token Types

Finding Tokens

Using Tokens

Tokens allow your actions to personalize your messages without having to manually configure each message type. Now when a message is sent to a target, it can directly address the target and be signed with your supporters information without any extra steps on behalf of the supporter. This makes taking action easy without sacrificing personalization. 

This can be applied to Thank You Emails. When a supporter receives a thank you message, they’ll be thanked by name. This helps to show your appreciation for your supporters, and gives them another chance to show their support.  

Token Types

All tokens are placeholder text surrounded by square brackets; however, the way that placeholder text looks is different for each token type. 

User-Friendly Tokens

This category of Token is ideal for customizing messages to targets. User Friendly Tokens explain what their function is within their brackets, making them ideal tokens to display to supporters.

For example, in an automatically generated email form, a supporter will see [your name will go here] in the signature line (salutation) for the email they’re sending. 

Tool Submission

Tool Submission Tokens can be used to customize messages or collect custom data in components.

For example, this token: [submission:values:first_name] will capture the contents of the First Name component and display it in a message. 

Any component that allows for text entry will have an associated Tool Submission token, meaning there are countless opportunities to customize your action!

Tool Content

This category includes tokens that will automatically generate data in the background for and by your user, like your organization name, a randomly selected email heading, or a progress bar showing how many supporters have already taken action. 

For example, this token: [node:og-group-ref:title] will create a thank-you email sign-off using the name of your Organization.

Finding Tokens

Tokens can be found in two places. First, you can view a list of New/Mode’s available tokens here. Alternatively, you can locate the available tokens on your action. 

Step One: Navigate to the Content page of your Action

Step Two: Scroll to the Target Content section. Each field (excluding email subject) will have a token selection menu. Select your chosen menu.

Step Three: Select the token you’d like to use, then copy and paste your chosen token into the relevant field. 

Step Four: Thoroughly test your action to ensure your token works how you intended. After that, you’re done!