Get the Most Out of Personalization Tokens

With New/Mode’s targeted actions, you can use tokens to personalize your campaign. What the heck's a token? Good question! Tokens are often described as placeholders because they are a string of bracketed text that is saving a place to be filled with dynamically generated data when a supporter takes action. 

Learn how to use tokens on New/Mode.

Personalization tokens make it really, REALLY easy for your supporters to take action quickly and intelligently. Instant engagement! Wild conversion party! Your supporters enter just a few items of personal information, and your actions gets to work. Doing what, you ask? Read on:

Creating personalized messages

All emails created by New/Mode actions can include token-generated information like your supporter’s name and location. These are the individualizing touches that make New/Mode campaign emails, letters to editors, and faxes unique, easy to send, and not spammy. 


Getting decision-makers to take it personally

Tokens allow our actions to both identify and personalize naming conventions for messages targeted at the decision-makers who matter. Targeted salutations can refer to recipients by their first names, last names, full names, and by position title. Providing this level of personalization allows your supporters to feel confident that they’re making contact, and making a difference.

Generating thank-you pages and thank-you emails

Does the tone of your campaign call for first name friendliness or full name formality? Tokens allow you to personalize thank-you pages and emails with an action-taker’s name in the salutation. This helps to show your appreciation for your supporters, and gives them another chance to show their support

Compiling submission data

Action submission tokens organize the data that you’ll receive under your action's Submissions tab when your supporters take action. With tokens for submission dates, locations, and targeted recipients, you can make sure that you’re getting the conversion data you need to win campaigns!


Last updated: July 29, 2022