How do I set up a Mailchimp Integration?

New/Mode now has an easy way to set up a Mailchimp Integration!

Step 1: Head over to your New/Mode dashboard, and select the Integrations Tab

Step 2: Find Mailchimp from the grid of integrations, and select “Add Integrations”


Step 3: Enter the Title of your Mailchimp Integration, and scroll down to the Mailchimp Settings

Mailchimp Settings

Step 4: Enter in your API Key (In your Mailchimp account, click on your name, select Profile > Extras > API keys, then copy an existing one or create a new one).
Step 5: Enter in your Audience ID (In your Mailchimp account, open the Audience tab, click View Contacts > Settings > Audience name and defaults, and take the string of letters and numbers from the Audience ID section).
Step 6: Enter in your Host. This is in the format 'https://<domain>', where <domain> is the characters after the dash in your API Key (in the screenshot above it's "us12").


Now Mailchimp is set up. To edit which components will sync to Mailchimp fields on a tool, head over to the tool, and navigate to advanced -> CRM Integrations.


Follow this link to learn about adding tags to your Mailchimp integrations, and here to learn about customizing the New/Mode components to Mailchimp Fields sync.