Sync Tool Components to Salesforce

New/Mode campaign tools allow you to map each form component (the fields completed by your supporters) to your Salesforce fields. Here's how to match form components to Salesforce fields: 

Step 1: Go to the CRM Integrations screen under your campaign tool’s Advanced dropdown menu. You'll see that First Name, Last Name, and Email Address have automatically mapped on to their associated Salesforce fields:

From this screen, you have a few options for syncing tool components to Salesforce fields:

Step 2.1: Click the blue Edit link in the right-hand column next to any component:

This link will take you to a page where you can edit the component and sync it to an associated Salesforce field under the Send to Salesforce API dropdown:

Although you will be given the option to select a Contact field, you can change the Object Type from a Contact to a Lead on your Edit Salesforce API page.

Under the Salesforce field that you're selecting, you can opt to not allow the data from your campaign to overwrite an existing value in Salesforce. By selecting this option, upserts will only send values to Salesforce if it's inserting a new record.

Step 2.2: You can add additional custom fields to map from your New/Mode tool onto Salesforce by clicking the Edit Salesforce API link under CRM Integrations:

Once you've configured the Salesforce objects you're working with, these settings will apply to all the data sent by your campaign tool. 

You can now configure additional Salesforce fields by selecting from a list of fields that you're using in Salesforce and applying a constant value to associate with each field (i.e. True, False, TRUE, FALSE, 1, 0):

For each new field value that you create, you can opt to overwrite an existing value in Salesforce, as we discussed above in Step 2.1.

Step 2.3: Salesforce fields can also be mapped onto metadata generated by supporter actions using our custom tokens. Again, this can be done under the Edit Salesforce API page. Under Salesforce Field, select from a list of fields that you're using in Salesforce and add an associated token from the browse available tokens link accessible at the top of the Constant Field Value dropdown on this page:

You may need to use these tokens if you're running an address-based targeting campaign.