How is New/Mode v2 different?

Learn the key differences between the two versions of our platform

The New/Mode v2 beta isn't just an update to the look - it's the start of an updated digital campaigning experience. Here are some important terms to know as you're building campaigns.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the initial benefits of New/Mode’s new platform?

How will this affect V1 features I currently use?

When should I switch to the V2 platform?

What does the switching process look like?

Will V2 Cost me more?

What isn’t changing?


What are the initial benefits of New/Mode’s new platform? 

  1.  An awesome redesigned user interface: We did interviews with many of you (thank you!) usability tests, and interactions with our skilled product designers and advisors.  Early feedback is very positive, and you can try it out here.
  2. Automated Campaign Boost: New/Mode V2 actions ask supporters for financial contributions by default. You can have New/Mode use that revenue (minus our platform fee) to promote your campaign on social media and other channels. From early usage, this can create a powerful viral effect. 
  3. Donation revenue share: Subscribers can opt out of the Campaign Boost service and you can collect donation revenue to reinvest in your work. 
  4. The ability to send email updates to your supporters without limits: That’s right, unlimited email sends to your supporters!  (within some reasonable limits)
  5. Access to our new AI-powered Insights Dashboard: A unique Advocacy Impact Score, Tactic Recommendations, and Analytics.  You can read more about this feature here.

And this is just the start! 

How will this affect V1 features I currently use?

 The new version of our product  will focus on the most valuable tools and features for our overall subscriber base. We will then develop the tools smaller segments find valuable. 

The new version of the platform is easier to use, satisfies the needs of advocacy campaigners and you can access it with your current subscription without an increase in cost.

Here are some specifics regarding some of your favorite New/Mode features:

  1. The new platform already has the robust and accurate political rep database you know and love.  And it has new data discovery feature to reveal targets you may not have been aware of previously. 

*Pretty slick right?!

  1. This year we’ll prioritize popular features like our market-leading Click to Call Tool, our unique Letter-To-The-Editor tool, Targeted Petitions, Custom Targets, and upgrading our Randomized Paraphs feature. 
  2. To ensure many of our integrations are covered quickly (and to add many more we do not currently have!), we’ll first facilitate data syncs through an automation tool. Once that’s complete, we’ll build customized integrations based on your needs. 
    1. We’re pretty excited about this one. Now we’ll be able to dramatically increase the services you can sync your data with. 

When should I switch to the V2 platform?

We recommend the following timeline to start using the V2 platform based on your current service plan.

Digital Advocate: Apr 15, 2024 (Those outside of North America can access this service on May 15, 2024)

Campaign Builder: Jun 15, 2024

Organization and Network: Sep 1, 2024

We intend to have most of our subscribers using V2 by October 1, 2024 and for all our subscribers to be on the V2 platform by December 15, 2024.


To ensure our subscribers enjoy a modern, secure platform with 100% of our focus, we will not permit subscribers to use our V1 legacy platform after December 15, 2024.


What does the switching process look like?

It’s easy.

1. When your subscription tier is ready in V2 we’ll notify you in the platform and over email. When you click on the migration link in the platform guide you to your new subscription in V2.

2. We’ll automatically bring over your supporter contact data!

3.  Archive your V1 campaigns by October 1, 2024 or as late as December 15, 2024 if needed.  You can have action pages and forms direct supporters to a webpage of your choice to catch any passive traffic that might come your way. 

If you have concerns about the work of recreating evergreen actions please let us know by email Don't worry, we're here to help!

Will V2 Cost me more?


The V2 plans that are roughly equivalent to your V1 subscription will be available with a slight increase in cost for new subscribers given all the enhancements.  

We will grandfather in your current subscription price. This discount ends on September 15 2024 for most subscribers or December 1, 2024 for those involved in electoral campaigns this fall. To maintain your discounted rate you just need to follow the instructions above by these dates. 

Here’s what the V1 to V2 pricing plan looks like:

Digital Advocate > Teams
Campaign Builder > Movement Builder
Organization > Growing Organization 

Network > Enterprise 

See a more detailed breakdown of each plan below

*Many of our V1 subscriptions include customized feature packages. If the V2 package is missing something you currently enjoy access to please reach out ( and we’ll find a setup that meets your needs. 

What isn’t changing?

Our core focus on Civic Impact - powering campaigns that embrace strategies and tactics that have a real impact on communities, power, and policy

Amplifying the voices in our communities is about recognizing the basic human dignity we all deserve. As we take on this next chapter of our work making our voices impossible to ignore will remain core to our mission.