How is New/Mode v2 different?

Learn the key differences between the two versions of our platform

The New/Mode v2 beta isn't just an update to the look - it's the start of an updated digital campaigning experience. Here are some important terms to know as you're building campaigns.

Important Terms


Previously referred to as "actions" or "tools", a New/mode campaign is a single webform that your supporters can use to contact representatives and decision makers. Each campaign is customizable, can be placed on multiple websites simultaneously, and tracks submissions independently. The amount of information you request from your supporters is entirely up to you.


Supporters are the people who fill out your campaign forms and make a submission.  They drive campaigns, create change, and are the biggest reason we do our work!


Recipients are the people receiving communications from your supporters. Recipients can also be referred to as email targets or decision makers,

Recipients can be either:

1. Elected Representatives: Representatives from the New/Mode database, who can be geolocated by a supporter address. The database contains all the contact information for each representative.

2. Custom Recipients: A recipient not in the database, manually created for the campaign. Custom recipients cannot be geolocated, and will receive every email submitted on the form.

Your Organization

Your organization is the public facing name associated with your campaigns.  This could be a large advocacy organization, or a grassroots movement trying to make an impact locally. If you're collecting data from your supporters, you'll want to choose a name that your supporters trust and recognize.

Campaign Landing Page

A campaign landing page is the website your supporters visit to view your campaign. This could be a New/Mode hosted page, or a New/Mode form embedded on your website