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Add Location-Based Targets

When you’re setting up the Basic Configuration of a campaign action, you’ll be asked to enter the Primary Targets of your campaign. These targets will be the recipients of the emails, Tweets, calls, and faxes sent by your supporters.

This applies to all actions except our Letters to Editors Actions, which targets newspapers.


Primary Targets

To reach only representatives based on each supporter's location, set the Target Type to 'Location-based Targets'.

Location-based Targets

After selecting location-based targets as the Primary Targets, you'll see two more fields:

  • Target(s): choose the elected officials you'll be targeting at the federal, state/provincial, or municipal levels. Once your supporter enters an address or zip/postal code, your campaign action will automatically identify their local representatives.
  • Target Method: choose what piece of location information your supporters will have to provide in the form for us to find their local representative:

Interested in other Target Types?

If you want your action to reach fixed targets that don't depend on each supporter's location:

Last updated: March 2, 2021