Create a Thank and Spank Campaign - BETA

Thank and Spank is happening at New/Mode!

That means that you can use our engagement actions to run campaigns that direct your supporters toward the targeted decision-makers that deserve a thank you, and to those that might need a bit more pressure to...



Maybe your campaign wants to THANK Senators who have committed to vote 'No' on a proposed bill to defund national parks in the U.S., but you also want to be able to SPANK Senators who are undecided, or have declared their plans to vote 'Yes.'

You can now set up campaign actions that include conditional content. This means that a supporter represented by a Senator who wants to protect parkland will be prompted with a message to thank their rep, and a supporter with a Senator who hates nature and the social good - or who isn't sure if her constituents care! - will be prompted with a message to tell their Senator to vote NO on the bill. 

Of course, your supporters won't always be contacting a single target, and so our Thank and Spank engagement platform will also walk supporters through showing love and putting the pressure on multiple targets, as needed. 

For example, on a Calling Action that is daisy-chaining a supporter through several calls to targets, they'll get a message before every call telling them how a target is voting, so that they can sing a rep's praises or give them a nudge in the right direction, as needed.

Right now, you can get Thank and Spank set up on a Calling Action, Tweet @ Action or an Emailing Action, and Thank and Spank for Faxing is on the way. 

Learn how to deploy a Calling Action Thank and Spank campaign here!

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