Getting Started with New/Mode v2

Learn how New/Mode's new platform can help boost your campaigns and increase supporter engagement

What is New/Mode v2?

New/Mode v2 is a remake of the New/Mode campaign creation platform from the ground up. Expect a brand new interface that will have you creating powerful advocacy campaigns quickly, with fresh analytics and tools to make the most of your engagement.

How is New/Mode v2 different?


1. How do I get a demo of New/Mode v2?

As we are actively reviewing our v2 campaigns we are not offering a demo at this time. This way, we can gain as much user feedback as possible! If you have any questions before getting started please continue to browse our Knowledge Base or to email us at with your questions.

2. How much does New/Mode v2 cost?

Our V2 offers a free forever plan, so that those new to organizing can acquire supporters and learn how to make an impact on policy.  We will continue to update plan options on our pricing page.

3. I already have a New/Mode account. Will it work on the v2 platform?

New/Mode v2 requires an account that is unique from our current platform. The v2 platform is currently free and will later feature its own pricing model, as its features differ from our v1 platform.

4. What types of campaigns are available in V2?

New/Mode v2 gives you access to a new style of letter writing campaigns. Supporters will be able to send letters to their representatives, geolocated by address.  Postal code geolocation and other campaign types will be released based on feedback from our V2 users.

5. How can I share the campaigns I create using New/Mode v2?

Like our classic platform, you will have the option of creating a standalone web page for your campaign, and you'll be able to share that web page's URL through social media, over email, on your Linktree, or however you'd like. You could also embed your campaign onto a web page you already have and share that link instead.

6. How do I add custom recipients?

The ability to add custom recipients is not currently available - but we're working on it!
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If your campaign is urgent please email us at to learn more about our V1 letter writing campaigns which currently supports custom targeting.

7. How can I give feedback about the V2 to the New/Mode team?

A dedicated feedback button is available in V2 alongside our support button. Use our support button to get help with technical questions or strategy. Our feedback button is intended to report product bugs, feature requests, or general feedback and opinions on your experience creating campaigns.

8. What regions are you currently opening your V2 platform to?

At the moment our V2 letter writing campaigns are only available in Canada and the US. If you are looking to contact your local representatives from another region of the world you can sign up for our waitlist here or you can book a demo of our V1 platform here. Our V1 platforms is currently available in regions across the globe and features other types of campaigns such as Calls, Faxes and Letters-To-The-Editor.

Last updated: January 26,2024