Use Calling Tool Submission Data

All New/Mode tools track supporter actions under the Submissions tab, but our Calling Tool has some pretty neat ways to monitor your supporter's engagement in real time using key metrics like phone call reports, call duration and breakdowns of target data.

You can access this information in the Submissions tab under Submission Queue and Analysis:

Submission Queue

The Submission Queue feature unique to our Calling Tool is the Feedback Form data. This feedback helps to confirm that the tool is working correctly, and allows your campaign to gather valuable data about target responses to callers:


On the Analysis screen under your Submissions tab, you can track data like a breakdown of calls per target, how many calls were redirected to your Fallback target, and how many supporters are clicking to opt-in for email updates* on your Calling Tool:

Below the Call your candidate Target breakdown, you'll see a detailed list of call metrics, including call success numbers, call duration, hangups, and individual call stats for daisy-chains:

At the bottom of the Analysis screen, you can open the Add analysis components dropdown menu to select additional data components to track:

Click the friendly blue Update analysis display button to save any changes you make to call metric components.