What’s the difference between Analytics and Analysis? 

New/Mode provides you with a number of ways to analyze how your campaign is performing. Analytics, located on the dashboard, provides an overview of how all your campaigns are performing, while Analysis is located on the Submissions tab of every tool, and provide insight into your supporters and targets. 


What is on the Analytics page? 

The Analytics page has 5 sections. 

Emails to decision makers

This section provides statistics for emails sent to your targets, including Opens, Sends, Clicks, Emails Delivered, Emails Bounced, Emails Deferred and Emails marked as spam. This helps gauge both the success of your campaigns as a whole as well as identify potential issues. 

All Email Overview

This section is very similar to Emails to decision makers, but includes thank you emails sent to your supporters. 

Activations Per Month

Here, an overview of how many first time supporters are participating in your campaigns, and how many supporters are returning from past campaigns is provided on a month by month basis. 

Conversion rates over time

A graph detailing your conversion rates compared to the New/Mode wide conversion rates are shown on a month by month basis. 


A tool by tool breakdown of submissions and conversion rates, as well as cumulative totals are displayed. 


You can learn more about Analytics by clicking here.


What is on the Analysis page? 

The Analysis page provides details gathered from each tool’s submissions page. You’ll be able to see how many times each target has been contacted, values for opt in / opt out components, basic demographics data collected from your supporters and results of your social sharing buttons. Additionally, you’ll have the option to add more analysis components depending on the configuration of your tool.


You can learn more about the analysis page by clicking here.