Integrate New/Mode with NationBuilder

Here's how to get NationBuilder connected to your New/Mode campaign. This will allow the information in your campaign tool data fields to be mapped onto your CRM data fields. 

You'll start the process over in your NationBuilder nation:

Step 1: Login to your NationBuilder organization as an administrator.

Step 2: Go to Settings > Apps > Install new app.

Step 3: Find the NewMode app in the list and click the Install button next to it. (You might have to confirm a small popup dialog.)

Step 4: Now you can head back over to your Organization dashboard at New/Mode, and follow the steps to Create an Integration.

Step 5: Once you've selected NationBuilder as your CRM Service, you'll be asked to enter your NationBuilder Nation Slug. This is the first part of the URL of your NationBuilder nation, i.e. the part in front of

Step 6: Click the Save button. Your Nationbuilder dashboard (or a page asking you to log in) should open in a new tab. You'll see a page asking to authorize the New/Mode integration. Select Authorize, and head back over to New/Mode.

Step 7: After returning to New/Mode, click the Establish OAuth2 Connection tab. A message reading Success acquiring OAuth2 Access Token or OAuth2 Access Token already available should appear. If you do not see this please, contact for assistance.

Step 8: All tools created after this has been set up will automatically be connected to your NationBuilder. To connect NationBuilder to a specific Advocacy Action that was created before you set up your service, navigate to the Basic Configuration page of your Action. In the Integrations section, select your integration from the CRM Integration drop-down menu. 

For tools where supporters are creating custom content, such as the Letters to the Editors Tool, the integration will even sync that content to a custom field in your Nation.

Click here to learn more about syncing individual tool fields with NationBuilder!