Meet our Faxing Tool

New/Mode’s uniquely compelling Faxing Tool lets your campaign supporters contact targeted decision-makers when other avenues of communication seem blocked. To create a Faxing Tool:

Step 1: Follow the steps to create a campaign.

Step 2: Set up your campaign tool's Basic Configuration.

Step 3: Fill in your Faxing Tool with great Custom Content. This is the content that will get supporters to take action and send a wave of faxes to targeted decision-makers.

Step 4: Preview your Faxing Tool. You'll see that your Faxing Tool automatically sets up a list of representatives to contact based on the targeting types you’ve configured and on your supporter's address information:

Step 5: Test your action thoroughly.

Step 6: Embed your Faxing Tool.

Step 7: Our Faxing Tool allows you to download PDFs of supporter submissions!