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What are Outreach and Advocacy Actions?

Actions are how you interact with your supporters. New/Mode Actions can be divided into two categories: Advocacy Actions and Outreach Actions.

Advocacy Actions

An Advocacy Action is an action used to connect your supporters with decision-makers. There are 6 action types to choose from. 

  • Email actions
    • Email actions are highly personal, allowing supporters to directly email decision-makers. When creating your Action, you can craft powerful email templates to guide your supporters; or, you can use advanced features like Conditional Targetting or Randomized Paragraphs to personalize the messages sent. 
  • Petition actions
    • Petition actions are low-barrier actions, allow your supporters to signal support for an idea symbolically. Supporters enter basic information, and press submit to sign! Petitions can be targeted at decision-makers or simply collected by your organization. 
  • Fax actions
    • Fax actions are useful for contacting the difficult-to-contact. Much like an email action, supporters can customize or send a 1-page message template crafted by your organization. Fax actions are especially useful for contacting targets without email addresses, or, commissions who only accept feedback from fax. 
  • Tweet actions
    • Tweet actions are highly visible actions designed for the modern internet. Supporters tweet your template messages @ targets. Utilize hashtags, and let this highly-visible action type work its magic. 
  • Call actions
    • Call actions allow your supporters to share their voice with decision-makers - literally! Provide your supporters with a list of Key Points, and let them take their voice directly to your target's phone. 
  • Letters to the Editor (LTE) actions.
    • Letter to the Editor actions allow your supports to easily craft letters to send to local and regional newspapers. Provide them with some Key Points to think about, and review the letters before they're sent off with our Submission Approval features. 

To create an Advocacy Action, navigate to your Dashboard, and select Create an Advocacy Action, then, choose which type of action you’d like to create.

Create an advocacy action

Outreach Actions

An Outreach Action is an action used to contact your contacts or supporters. This includes:

  • SMS Broadcast actions
    • SMS Broadcast actions allow you to broadcast a single message to your supporters. For example, these messages can serve as reminders for upcoming events or direct them towards an advocacy action.
  • SMS Chatbot actions.
    • SMS Chatbot allow you to ask your supporters a sequence of questions and collect your supporter's responses. SMS Chatbot actions can be connected to an Advocacy Action, allowing supporters to complete an action without leaving their texting service.

To create an Outreach Action, navigate to your Dashboard and select Create an Outreach Action, then, choose which type of actions you’d like to create.

Create an outreach action